In essence, the work of The Mighty & Strong ministers is to Reform people and organizations, in particular churches and government.


Church and the State

We use the teachings of Peter Kershaw from Heal Our Land Ministries:

Heal Our Land Ministries provides various tools and resources to educate church and ministry leaders in how they may unlicense their incorporated 501c3 churches and ministries, and how to properly organize and operate as a free-church or free-ministry.1

If Christian morality and virtue is to flourish again, it will require the leadership of the church. The church cannot be “the moral compass of society,” and provide virtuous leadership, if she is subordinating herself to an immoral civil government.2

Our highest priority is the reestablishment of the church as the moral compass of society. This cannot be accomplished without first unlicensing our churches—breaking the yoke of bondage.2

Most of America’s churches were once called “free-churches,” and they were established by common right of those Christian men who organized them, under the exclusive headship and sovereignty of Jesus Christ, autonomous from the State.3

More than any other element of society, it was America’s colonial clergy who were responsible for leading the cause of independency, and this because of the king’s attempted imposition of licenses to preach and publish the tenants of the Christian faith. Yet today, the State routinely licenses churches. It would be fallacious to blame the State, asserting fraud or State coercion. Rather, it is the clergy which has voluntarily sought State permission to be that which is already lawful. They unwittingly organize that which our forefathers abominated, government licensed State-Churches.3

These men understood the principles of the Reformed Faith: ecclesia reformata, semper reformatum: the church reformed, always reforming.3

Patriotic Americans today cannot ever hope to reclaim their liberties apart from first reclaiming America’s churches. Only the work of reform can accomplish that, and one can only reform that which he actively participates in.3


In Caesar’s Grip, Peter Kershaw (160 pp)

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  • The Bloody Trail Our Fathers Trod To Religious Freedom
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  • 501c3 Religion
  • Where Do We Go From Here?

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